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Leading Indian web design and development, We offer affordable website development services for all types of websites. Our team is imaginative, devoted, and knowledgeable, and they will handle all site-related tasks. We are a reputable Agra-based web development company that serves the entire world.

We Expand Your Online Business.

We help businesses grow their digital presence in order to generate qualified leads and build brand recognition. To ensure business success, we create specialized websites with in-depth search engine optimization, online branding, and content planning.


BSTechWEb has demonstrated prior expertise in terms of originality and calibre. In order to make each website stand out from the competition, BSTechWeb offers its customers top-notch web designs and subjects based on their requirements and budget. Our skilled web development team works tirelessly to meet your company's needs.


According to a recent survey, the majority of internet users are mobile users; around 75% of people globally visit websites on mobile devices. Our sophisticated user interface creates a website that is incredibly responsive on desktop and mobile devices.


BSTechWeb can elevate your website to the top spot, increasing revenue in a big way. Instead of just that, our team of web developers creates websites that increase sales while also converting users to clients.


We design a strong, personalized website that is manageable and has the best options for market expansion. Most of the time will be devoted by our inexpensive web design team to improving the usability and aesthetics of your website.

Company for Web Development

The website is the basis of any business because we are in the Age of Electronics. One of the key components of electronic marketing is a website and not just any website, but a beautiful, well-designed website that enhances the features of any firm. The organization must go digital in order to achieve the greatest possible customer advantage and gain a competitive edge in the fiercely competitive market. The Internet has limitless potential and can reach any company's intended audience for products and services. Going electronic and spearing the business like butter on a piece is the finest approach to utilizing the potential of the Internet.

As a premier website creation business in Agra, WebTech offers a wide range of website development services at competitive rates. Our team is imaginative, devoted, and knowledgeable, and they will handle all site-related tasks. The well-known Agra-based web development company WebTech serves the entire world.

Star Picks from WebTech

  • Interactive sites that are highly functional and have a simple user interface.
  • Creation of responsive sites that are mobile-optimized.
  • Complex HTML 5 animations, gaming, and customized.
  • Adaptive interactivity for your devices.
  • Client software with a wealth of features that perform across platforms, devices, and browsers.

A well-designed website has the potential to maximize commercial benefits indefinitely. In order to offer the best services, WebTech, a prominent web development company in Agra, is knowledgeable about every micro detail pertaining to the website and the industry. Understanding the main purpose of a website and its user interface, which attracts visitors like a magnet, is an essential component of website design. Our business is built on delivering excellent customer service. We constantly strive to improve it and offer a rich experience with WebTech, one of the best website-building companies in Agra.

"If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be from business," as Bill Gates once said. According to current marketing trends, people like to fulfill all of their needs while seated in their homes with a single click.

As a website building company, BSTechWeb's staff develops a beautiful and user-friendly website for your company so that anyone may visit it in search of information about what you do, your products and services, client testimonials, location, contact details, and so forth.

  • Reasonable Price: Our basic web creation cost starts at INR 3,500. Depending on the needs of the client and the scope of the project, our pricing is clear and flexible.
  • Latest Technologies: For high output and scalable outcomes, we use the most recent technologies, like Angular JS, Node JS, and many others. Our programmers have experience creating both budget-friendly and high-end websites.
  • Reliable assistance: Delivering top-notch customer service is a continual process for every company, and BSTechWeb offers you ongoing assistance throughout and after the completion of your project.

The Technologies We Use

Until now, we have worked with a variety of technologies, and we continue to explore new ones.

Our design professionals use industry best practices from user research and wireframes to final design to generate high user engagement and create intuitive website designs, and mobile and desktop applications.

Consider your users' requirements, desires, and frustrations as you identify them, comprehend them, and consider any potential solutions.

  • a simple, low-detail layout for the application flow and interfaces. At this stage, we strive to iterate as frequently as feasible.

  • Get hands-on with your users to find out how a better user experience might make their daily chores easier.

Use brand colors, typography, styles, elements, and iconography to make the screens attractive.

The leading agency for creative digital marketing

The top creative digital marketing firm in India is WebTech. Our digital marketing solution aids in the expansion and ongoing online visibility of your company. WebTech digital marketing solutions may assist you in successfully achieving your business objectives, from generating leads to enhancing brand authority to growing sales to boosting website traffic.

In order to generate sales leads for your company, we ensure that you are visible on search engines for the appropriate keywords.

Whether you're a little startup or a global powerhouse, search engine optimization is crucial to your online success. You need high-quality, focused SEO services if you want to rank better in search results. That’s where we step in!

Your SEO and search rank are impacted by errors and outages. We guarantee that your website is optimized for zero errors and the shortest possible downtime.

We can search your website and find duplicate content that interferes with your SEO efforts.

Determine the importance of your webpage for a keyword by looking at its keyword density.

We can supply you with open graph tags and keyword-rich, SEO-optimized Meta tags that inform search engines precisely what your material is about.

We can offer concise, keyword-rich, and SEO-optimized URLs for your website.

To make sure that your website is structured and created in a way that is search-engine friendly, we perform a full website analysis.

Your bounce rate rises and your search ranking is impacted by slow page load times. To boost the speed of your page load, we use the best SEO techniques.

Through establishing connections with pertinent and frequently visited websites, we assist you in increasing the relevance and recency of your brand.

Utilizing social media

An effective approach for driving significant web traffic to your company is social media marketing. You can quickly transform your social media accounts into a potent tool that drives more consumers, traffic, and interaction utilizing social media if you have a tailored social media marketing strategy created just for your company. From the posts' content to the pictures' layout, we supervise and manage every facet of your social media strategy.


The development of a Facebook business page, the creation of a profile and cover image, and the posting of articles, quotes, viewpoints, infographics, posters, and brief films.


The construction of an Instagram business page, the creation of a profile and cover image, and the posting of content such as images, posters, brief films, and infographics.


Development of a Twitter company page, building a profile and cover image, and posting tweets with appropriate hashtag research that includes posters, infographics, and thoughts.


The construction of a LinkedIn company page, a profile, and a cover image, and the posting of articles, excerpts, opinions, infographics, posters, and brief films.

Create a company page on Google Plus

Create a profile and cover image, and upload content such as articles, extracts, reviews, infographics, posters, and brief films.

Content Promotion

By using the appropriate methods to provide pertinent content, you may connect with potential customers. We develop the appropriate digital strategy and content for your company that boosts conversion, boosts engagement, and delivers genuine value.

Digital Marketing

Advertisement Management

Digital advertising can assist you in connecting with a sea of potential customers due to the ever-increasing internet usage and accessibility of smartphones. Our ad management services can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether they involve increasing website traffic, attracting new clients, or boosting conversion rates.


Google AdWords search

With the aid of our PPC ad services, we assist you in connecting with your target market.

Google Display Ads

We assist in ensuring that your adverts are placed where they will be seen by the correct people, resulting in spectacular growth.

Ads for retargeting

With the help of our incredibly effective retargeted advertisements, we can assist you in growing your leads and revenues.


Ads with a conversion focus

We utilize conversion-focused advertising to convert your current traffic into paying clients.

Instagram & Facebook Advertising

We target your potential clients with tailored ads on Facebook and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Ads

In order to successfully convert qualified leads for enterprise-level solutions, we build and manage optimized LinkedIn advertising.


Design of an inventive brand logo

We are a strategic branding firm that creates brands that vividly illustrate your narrative. Our corporate identity and branding team establishes your brand identification and makes an impression that prompts customers to knock on your door.

Brand Recognition

An identity is a brand. We assist you in developing a brand that connects with your customers by identifying the identity, strengths, and promises of your business.

Secondary Study

To gain a thorough picture of your rivals, prospects, and clients, we do secondary research.

online polls

We use online surveys to estimate the worth of your brand based on how your customers feel about it.

Comparison of competitors

We carefully examine the brands of your rivals. This aids in determining where your brand needs to improve.

Industry Research

To make sure that the goods and services offered by your brand satisfy the needs of your target market, we conduct industry research.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a type of qualitative research that give us insight into the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours of your potential customers.

Customer Interviews

To give you essential knowledge about what your consumers are thinking, feeling, and doing, we conduct in-depth customer interviews.

Creative logo Design

We create eye-catching logos that perfectly capture everything your business represents.

Development of the tagline

We come up with catchy taglines for your company that people remember.

Colors / Font

We assist you in selecting the ideal colour and typeface to convey your brand's narrative.

Letterhead / Business Card

We create the ideal business cards and envelopes for your company that perfectly represent your brand at a glance.

Use of the logo and spacing

We ensure that your logo is used where it will have the most impact.

Brand Message

We work with you to develop a brand statement that conveys your story and distinguishes you in a crowded market.

Our Process

Create a website, then watch as your consumer base propels you to new heights of success!

Our consultant contacts you to learn more about your needs and requirements for website development. Our algorithm shortlists the top vendors and agencies based on the type of website needed, target software, industry, niche, and budget. Meetings are scheduled with the shortlisted vendors and agencies to discuss the scope of development and choose the most appropriate developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any experience creating websites with just one vendor?

Yes, we have trusted suppliers and agencies to create both single-vendor and multi-vendor websites for you.

Is it possible to test my website before going live?

Yes, we won't launch your website until you've tested it out and given your seal of approval for its final look and functioning.

What languages do you employ when developing websites?

Our vendors and agencies are adept at creating websites utilising a range of technologies, including HTML and CSS for the front end, JavaScript and Ajax for the back end, and C#, Ruby, and Java among others.

Which website designs do you create?

We work with vendors and organisations who have cross-industry development experience. As a result, we may have a variety of websites created for you, including portfolio, e-commerce, educational, nonprofit, corporate, and entertainment websites.

Which kinds of websites do you create?

With cross-industry development experience, we have vendors and agencies. Therefore, we are able to obtain a variety of websites created for you, including portfolio, e-commerce, educational, non-profit, business, and entertainment websites, among others.

STEP 1/6

What industry are you in? Gaming, Healthcare, Real Estate, E-commerce, Logistics and Transportation, Fashion and Lifestyle, Food and Beverages, Internet of Things, Healthcare, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Other.

STEP 2/6

Please specify the budget range?

STEP 3/6

How soon do you need this project completed?

STEP 4/6

Any further details you'd like us to be aware of?

STEP 5/6

Tell us about yourself.

The top SEO firm in Agra Uttar Pradesh

Gain More Website Visitors and Leads With Expert SEO Services

Is your company prominently displayed in SERPs? Otherwise, you risk losing out on worthwhile leads. Yes! You read it right. Don't let another day go by while your rivals are envious of you! It's time to get noticed and appear in Google's top results. Being one of the top SEO companies in Agra, we provide a wide range of effective and expert SEO services that will increase your company's visibility, generate more high-quality leads, and increase conversions.

Every single day, the search landscape is always changing. You must spend money on SEO services that are appropriate for your company's objectives, requirements, and target market if you want to rank well on search engines like Google or Bing. You won't get very far if you continue using outdated SEO techniques.

You need an Award Winning SEO Company in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, like WebTech Technologies, to maintain a strong online presence.

We have been implementing top-notch SEO strategies for companies looking to increase their online presence and revenue by drawing on our years of experience. As an essential component of online business operations, SEO is no longer a choice if you want to grow your company.


Improve Your Business With Reasonable SEO Services

I mean, come on! You are aware of what you require, but you are unsure of how to acquire it. Right? This is the usual problem that we encounter when a new client contacts us. There are many top SEO companies that charge a lot of money, but why pay anything when you can't see the results?

Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term project that demands solid techniques. However, you can be confident that working with our top-rated SEO Services Company in Agra will give you consistent, improved outcomes. Numerous organisations have benefited from the inexpensive SEO services we offer for small businesses in terms of growing their internet presence, generating more leads, and boosting sales.

SEO Optimization

Drive Organic Traffic

Improved SERP Ranking

Generate Quality Leads

Increased Revenue

SEO Services in Agra, Uttar Pradesh That Are Results-Driven

Worldwide SEO Services

With our international SEO services, you can grow your business while achieving high search engine ranks and high-caliber leads.

Countrywide SEO Services

Utilize our national SEO services to get customers for your company from all around the nation.

Services for Local SEO

Join up with us to connect with your local audience and make your website local SEO Services compliant with our result-driven local SEO services in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

Services for Ecommerce SEO

With our cutting-edge Ecommerce SEO tactics, you can ensure the success of your online store. We offer specialised ecommerce SEO services in Agra to support your ascent up the success ladder.

Services for Small Businesses with SEO

Join together with us to use our finely planned SEO services for small enterprises to enter the commercial world and leave a lasting impact.

Services for expert SEO

With the help of our expert SEO services, you may improve your online visibility and reach millions of eager customers.

Why Do You Need SEO Services for Your Business?

The following are the primary arguments supporting the significance of SEO services

Assists you in staying current: Almost all companies are competing to rank better in search engine result pages. (SERPs). Contact the best SEO services provider in Agra to outrank your rivals and gain more visibility.
Brand Building: Consumers today depend on rankings as a gauge of company confidence, therefore landing a top spot on the highly sought-after SERPs boosts your brand’s reputation.
Choose the correct audience to reach out to: Increasing website traffic is not enough! To grow income, you need more conversions. Here’s where SEO comes into play!
Improved User Experience: Site speed, usability, and mobile friendliness all impact not only the site’s ranking but also the user experience. Only trustworthy SEO services can assist you in achieving that.
Marketing that is reasonably priced: SEO is a good approach to promote your goods and services internationally.

provides clients with 360-degree solutions through customized, industry-focused SEO services.

Website auditing is crucial before putting the best SEO practises into practise. It checks for broken links, identifies on-page and off-page SEO issues, and does a lot more.

We will sit down with you as your SEO consultant to understand your business process, the purpose of your site, and your goals. We’ll also help you determine your KPIs and conversion path. This aids in our comprehension of your demands and expectations.

We are knowledgeable about your market and can use our thorough keyword research process to assist you improve your ranking. Our chosen keywords bring targeted visitors to your website.

We conduct a thorough competitor analysis to compare the ranking keywords of each competitor and provide you with the best SEO strategies as a result.

By adding valuable information, making your website user-friendly, employing alt tags and meta tags, schema tags, and high-resolution photos, we boost your website’s online visibility and accessibility.

We help you optimize keywords and URLs for your website to ensure Google crawlers find them while using keywords relevant to your services.

The king is the content! The most crucial website component, content has the power to instantly create or damage your company. In order to make your content readable and interesting, we offer SEO content writing services.

To rank higher in SERPs, backlinks are essential, but not just any link will do. You can decide what should be done for link development and what shouldn’t be done with the help of experts.

In today’s fierce competition, all you need is a well-maintained website! As a result, we offer our customers thorough monthly reports on visibility, analytics, conversions, and revenues.

In Agra, WebTech Technologies is rated as the best SEO company.

  • Fortunately, you've found the correct location where you can find inexpensive SEO services in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, for all of your company's demands. We have the appropriate answers you have been looking for. We have extensive expertise in SEO and can use it to boost your website's visibility and position it at the top of Google utilising tried-and-true SEO strategies. Join forces with our Top #1 SEO Agency in Agra, and we'll assist you improve your search engine rating.
  • We are a group of exceptionally bright, knowledgeable, and driven SEO professionals. It wouldn't be overstating things to suggest that, Yes! With our unrivalled Keyword Research abilities, we have worked miracles for our clients.
  • We assist companies in gaining a solid presence in the market and quickly increasing their sales in the face of intense competition. You can take advantage of the reasonably priced SEO packages in Agra if you want to promote your growth and grow your company

Benefits of Using WebTech SEO Services

For many years, we have provided our domestic and international clients with result-driven seo consulting services. We are superior to other SEO Companies because of our creative strategy and first-rate SEO services. The following are other advantages of selecting SEO services from WebTech.

You can be confident that your investment will be better off when you work with our Best SEO Agency in Agra. Our appropriate approach, expertise, and on-the-ground awareness all result in results that are quality-driven.
Lack of transparency can cost you money and page rankings, therefore our team doesn’t just make grand promises; we also make clear how we plan to achieve them.
Through our work with a variety of industries, we have developed strong market knowledge and digital marketing proficiency. On us, you may rely!
Our knowledgeable SEO company in Agra delivers best-in-class solutions that keep our clients one step ahead of the competition thanks to their sophisticated SEO skills and in-depth understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SEO firm offers the best services in Agra, Uttar Pradesh?

The top SEO company in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, is WebTech. We have years of experience in digital marketing and SEO, and we provide unmatched SEO services of the highest calibre. Our group is committed to continuously developing strategies through the intelligent use of cutting-edge technology know-how and shared marketing knowledge.

Describe SEO?

A component of search engine marketing called search engine optimisation gives firms natural online prominence on search engines. It is a technique for digitally promoting brands. In order to improve the quality and volume of organic website traffic that the business site receives, it involves optimising the company web pages and lining them up with search engine algorithms.

How soon can I anticipate seeing results from SEO services?

SEO takes time and effort; it is not a quick task. Many on-page and off-page tasks, link building, content creation, etc., are necessary for SEO services. Search Engines like Google and Bing must therefore wait a while before caching it. Only after about 4-6 months will you be able to observe results from SEO services.

What exactly do SEO firms perform?

To give your web pages the highest rating on search engine result pages, a reputable SEO company develops a solid, custom SEO plan that is created specifically for the business industry and competitors. A large number of SEO specialists typically labour round-the-clock at an SEO agency to uphold and improve the ranking of its clients' websites.

How do I find the top SEO firm?

Look at the client testimonials and case studies before selecting your best SEO firm because you'll be able to see the rankings that their clients' web pages received as a result of their SEO efforts. It will serve as a useful statistic to use in evaluating the performance of your potential SEO company. A tailored SEO strategy would be developed by the ideal SEO company to fit your sector and the competition it faces.

How can I discover inexpensive SEO services?

Indeed, it is a difficult effort! Numerous businesses that advertise themselves as the greatest and most economical SEO providers can be found online, but they might not be a smart choice for you. It's best to narrow down your choices to a few, contact them, read reviews, compare rates, and then make an informed decision.

What are the prices for SEO services?

The price for SEO services is variable. The exact objectives of your firm will determine everything. We will first go over the project requirements with you, examine your website, and then present you with a variety of SEO options. You can contact us at any time to talk about your company.

What does an SEO firm anticipate from its clients?

To make the necessary adjustments to the website, we only need your client's consent; the rest is handled by our team. Only during the early phase of the website audit will we bother you; after that, you can attend to other business-related matters.

Describe an SEO audit?

The process of performing a website SEO audit comprises SEO specialists examining the different fundamental elements that foster increased digital brand discovery, including the website's structure, content gaps and opportunities, user experience, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and more.

How does SEO function?

The main objective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work is to increase the amount of high-quality, organic traffic to your website that is most likely to convert. This is accomplished through technical, on-page, and off-page website optimisation techniques that address both technical and content marketing requirements.

Platforms We Use To Build Ecommerce Websites

Woocommerce is an open source platform for building e-commerce websites that uses fundamental programming languages like PHP and MySQL and offers cutting-edge features and top-notch functionality to expand the capabilities of online shopping carts. We are the Ecommerce Website Design and Development Agency that suggests Woocommerce to our clients because of its simple, hassle-free operation.
Opencart is an open source e-commerce platform that provides an extensive selection of themes and extensions, powerful functionality, simple integrations, and much more for creating an effective e-commerce site. Numerous firms choose OpenCart to build their ecommerce websites and provide their products in a quick and simple manner online since it offers simple optimisation for different search engines. Our Opencart e-store development services in Agra are skilled at creating e-stores and have launched numerous e-commerce sites using this platform.
Do you desire first-rate security, cutting-edge features, and improvements for your e-commerce portal? For your online store, Magento ecommerce development would be ideal. Because of our expert Magento ecommerce development, which provides merchants with scalability, a flexible cart system, a variety of plug-ins and themes, and feature customization, we are recognised as one of the Best Ecommerce Website Design Companies in Agra.
Shopify, one of the most used e-commerce platforms, provides amazing e-commerce designs and UI/UX capabilities. Rich features built into Shopify’s platform make it easier to buy online and make it much simpler for businesses to sell products online. Because Shopify store development is affordable, effective, and rapid, our ecommerce website design and development company in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, creates strong Shopify ecommerce portals and suggests them to our clients.

Our Process for Developing E-Commerce Websites

We dig deep and do extensive research to develop a solid grasp of your strengths and weaknesses and to create a strategy that is most suited for your business objectives.
In this phase, a work plan is created and a design layout is created to logically and artistically organise your web pages.
A sitemap and wireframe are built, giving the website a form and establishing connections between the features and the content.
To ensure that your website functions superbly on all fronts, we rigorously test it for functionality, security, compatibility, usability, and more.
With the help of our site administration and maintenance services, we make sure that your website is functioning at its peak efficiency.

Features That Every Ecommerce Website Must Have

The e-commerce sector has been growing exponentially, and with it the level of competition. In order to provide simplified customer journeys, e-commerce organisations prioritise giving their potential customers with immersive online buying experiences and having websites that are loaded with cutting-edge ecommerce capabilities. Because of our unrivalled knowledge and breadth of experience in this field, we are rated as the #1 Ecommerce Website Development Company in India. We provide our clients with the best e-commerce website development services available in India. Here, we list the essential e-commerce services that each Best Ecommerce Website Design Company in Agra provides.

Sensible Navigation The site navigation must be fluid and enjoyable for users to enjoy browsing the extensive product selection and making purchases on an engaging, captivating, and spectacular ecommerce website.
Flexible Design A mobile-friendly online storefront is essential for businesses to increase their conversion rate because online audiences access the Internet on a variety of devices, but they prefer smartphones for the convenience of browsing while on the go.
A variety of Payment Options Provide all the common payment options on your e-commerce website to prevent potential consumers from abandoning your cart at the very last moment because their chosen payment method isn’t accepted, and watch as your company’s sales soar.
Simple Checkout Procedure Nothing kills sales more than lengthy, difficult checkout processes on e-commerce websites that require excessive steps and irritate users beyond belief. Fast and quick checkouts are how The Best Ecommerce Website Development Company in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, keeps things simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

An e-commerce website is what?

An online platform known as an ecommerce website allows companies and individuals to sell products and provide services online. E-commerce, which allows for the electronic exchange of money, data, and goods, is referred to by its full name, electronic commerce. Due to its lack of geographical and temporal restrictions, e-commerce is expanding at a never-before-seen rate and has been a blessing in our modern life.

What is a company that develops e-commerce websites?

A Agra-based Ecommerce Website Development Company creates web pages that showcase the product and service offerings, allow consumers to place orders, process payments, and keep track of their purchases. The Best Ecommerce Website Design Agency in Agra gives the online businesses with user-friendly, responsive design that intuitively guides customers to purchases, offers a flawless payment gateway integration, and much more in an effort to provide an effortless online buying experience.

How long does it take to design and create an e-commerce website?

One cannot generalise that the time required to establish a strong e-store would be the same for another given that every e-commerce website is unique and has a different amount of products and services. The lengthier the process of designing and developing an e-commerce website gets, the more goods and services are offered.

What is the price of building an e-commerce website in India?

Beyond the cost of e-store maintenance and management, getting your online storefront deployed is unquestionably a one-time investment. The top e-commerce website development company in Agra bills its customers fairly, with the cost depending on a number of variables, including the e-commerce platform selected, the cost of the domain and hosting, the features, customizations, and creative freedom. Give us a brief description of your e-commerce requirements to receive a free consultation and project quote from WebTech.

How may an e-commerce website's traffic be increased?

You might be surprised to learn that only 3.86% of visits to online stores result in purchases. Therefore, it is obvious that the best method to increase conversions is by bringing high-quality, organic traffic to your website, which can be done by optimising the web pages for search engines to help them rank well in the appropriate search results. Influencer marketing or social media marketing are two other strategies for gaining quick ecommerce traffic. The functionality and features of your e-store will determine your e-commerce sales regardless of the marketing strategy or method you use. So, for flawless development, hire our Top-Rated Ecommerce Website Design Services in India.